“You Are Corrupt” – Matawalle fires head of EFCC after been linked to N70bn fraud

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In an unexpected turn of events, Zamfara State Governor Mohammed Bello Matawalle has responded to allegations of embezzlement by accusing the head of Nigeria’s Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Abdulrasheed Bawa, of corruption.

This exchange arose in response to an EFCC statement alleging that the Governor is under investigation for allegedly misappropriating more than 70 billion naira.
In retaliation, Governor Matawalle questioned Bawa’s integrity and urged him to resign in order for the corruption charges against him to be investigated fairly.

“While investigations are not prohibited, they must be conducted fairly.” “I am not the only one who has a bank account,” Governor Matawalle stated.

He also challenged Bawa to turn over all documentation he has on his colleagues and even himself, as he is also facing numerous allegations.

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Matawalle mentioned potential witnesses ready to testify against the EFCC chief while insisting on Bawa’s resignation.

He alluded to certain unresolved issues between himself and Bawa, implying that Bawa is aware of the potential consequences.

In response to these allegations, the EFCC urged Governor Matawalle to report any evidence of corruption against Bawa to the police.

When contacted by the BBC, Bawa responded with a philosophical statement, stating that no human being is without flaws. He encouraged anyone with information about him or any governor or minister to contact the police.

_”If he [Governor Matawalle] sees that I have done something wrong, there are police and places where he can file a complaint,” Bawa said.

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