Ajaero: I have stepped on toes since becoming NLC President

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Joe Ajaero, President of the Nigeria Labour Congress, has stated that since taking office, he has stepped on many toes in order to fight for the rights of Nigerian workers.

According to Ajaero, he is never embarrassed because it serves as a barometer of his effectiveness as President of the labour union.

He made the statement during a familiarisation visit to the Senior Staff Union in Colleges of Education, Nigeria (SSUCOEN) corporate headquarters in Abuja.

Remember that since Ajaero was elected President of the NLC through a consensus arrangement, he has clashed with governors from the East, particularly Imo State governor Hope Uzodinma.

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He claimed that Uzodinma attempted to clone the NLC’s state executive in order to raise his political profile.

Ajaero had recently ordered the suspension of flights from Lagos to Owerri due to a misunderstanding.

During his discussions with SUCCOEN officials, he chastised members of the National Assembly, including officials of the National Salaries, Income, and Wages Commission, for allegedly paying themselves bogus salaries and gratuities despite lacking the necessary qualifications.

“I’m with you on this,” Ajaero said. I will not be present to lament. We are not ashamed to fight our members’ battles. We have stepped on toes since our arrival, and they have retaliated. That is how we determine how well we are doing.

“You will cry if you look at the budget now that they are leaving office and see how much they are paying themselves as a gratuity.” Find out from members of parliament; some of them do not have the NCE required to earn the salary of NCE holders. And I’m not sure how the Salaries and Wages Commission works.

“That organisation is the most discriminatory. If you look now, you’ll notice that some of them are in court because they don’t have a NYSC discharge certificate or a school certificate, despite earning millions and billions. So you now have two policies in the same country for the same people. It is heinous. I also believe that all of us should be interested in politics.”

Meanwhile, Danladi Msheliza, President of SSUCOEN, has charged President Muhammadu Buhari with quickly assenting to the bill seeking Amendment of the Act Establishing Colleges of Education in the Nation before leaving office.

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The new Act, if approved, would change the face of colleges of education in the country, according to the SSUCOEN President, “The Act we are using now is not only archaic but was promulgated by a decree in 1986 and thus cannot be an act that should be operational in colleges of education in this country.” The Act on Polytechnics and Universities has been amended.”

He stated that the union took the initiative and sponsored a bill in 2018, but Mr President was unable to give assent to the bill before the lifespan of the eighth Assembly expired, so they resumed sponsorship of that bill.

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