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Woman attacked by jaguar while taking selfie

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By Ene Onoja

An American woman was attacked by a jaguar last Saturday when she attempted to take a selfie at Wildlife World Zoo near Phoenix, Arizona, US.

Simply named Leanne, the woman had climbed over the security barrier while attempting to take a selfie with the black jaguar.

The jaguar held Leanne’s arm in its claws, forcing her mother to attempt to distract it by pushing a water bottle into its enclosure.

An eyewitness made a video recording of the incident as they screamed for help.

Leanne returned the next day to apologise to the zoo’s staff after receiving treatment at a nearby hospital.

She told local media: “The black jaguar was up against the fence. We happened to be walking by and said ‘hey, let’s get some good pictures.’

“I never expected this. I feel like we’re all human, we make mistakes and I learned my lesson.

“I was in the wrong for leaning over the barrier, but I think the zoo should consider moving their fence back.”

However, spokesperson for the zoo, Kristy Morcom, said the barrier was in line with federal rules.

“People need to respect the barriers and understand they are put in place for the safety of everyone,” she said.

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