Umahi names Ebonyi airport after Buhari

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The Ebonyi State government announced on Wednesday that it had received permission from the federal government to begin operating flights out of Onueke International Airport.

According to reports, President Muhammadu Buhari’s name has been given to the airport.

The Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Aviation and Technology, Mrs. Obianuju Alo, stated that the inauguration will increase commercial activity in the state while speaking to reporters in Abakaliki.

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She said, “There will be two flights landing at the airport, one from Lagos and the other from Abuja.

And as a result, two flights from Lagos and Abuja will land each week. What it really means is that Ebonyi state is now open for business with the opening of the airport.

“We want to entice investors and all Ebonyians to come to Ebonyi and conduct business. Now, Ebonyi will begin exporting agricultural goods everywhere.

International airlines will soon arrive in Ebonyi state, and when they do, she predicted that the local community will greatly benefit from it by way of employment opportunities.

Alo added that the state government has authorized six (6) individuals per Local Government Area to be scheduled to board the test flight from Abuja and Lagos, and that the State Government will pay for the cost of the tickets.



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