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Transparency International Says Nigeria’s Police, Lawmakers and Judges top most corrupt institutions.

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By Daniel Atayi.

In the 10th Edition of the Transparency International Global Corruption Barometer, GCB released recently, the Police, Lawmakers and the Judges, are among the most corrupt institutions in Nigeria.

Transparency Int’l further said that corruption in African countries was hindering economic development.

Been one of the watchdogs in Nigeria, TI sampled 1,600 people from April 26 to May 10, 2017 and discovered that the Police topped by 69% in the list of most corrupt institutions in the Nigeria, followed by ‘Members of the National Assembly which is tagged at 60%; Judges and Magistrates 51%. However, Local Government officials which is not an institution but a Tier of government, is tagged at 55%.

Others were government officials at 54%, Business Executives at 44%, Presidency at 43%, non-governmental organisations-NGOs at 40%, traditional Leaders at 35% and religious leaders at 20%.

According to the data evaluation on corruption by TI, 47% of those who uses public services, had paid a bribe to the Police in past 33 Months (Two Years and Seven Months in counting), while 44% had contributed to overall Bribery rate within this period!

The survey revealed that the fight against corruption by the government, is rated at 59% by analysts while 49 percent disagreed.The survey also indicated that 43 per cent thought corruption increased in the previous 12 months.

Transparency International have it that Corruption is a major barrier to economic growth, good governance and basic freedoms! Especially, freedom of speech and the citizens’ rights to demand for government accountability. In the same vein, is says corruption affects the livelihood of individuals, families and communities.

The 10th edition of the Global Corruption Barometer (GCB) beamed at Africa, it reveals that, while most people in Africa feel corruption increased in their countries, a majority are optimistic that as citizens, they could make a difference in the fight against corruption.

The report also found more than one in four people who accessed public services, such as health care and education, paid bribes in the previous year; these acts are equivalent to approximately One Hundred and Thirty million citizens in the Thirty Five Countries surveyed!

TI also claimed that latest survey encapsulated larger scopes of most detailed survey of citizens’ views on corruption and their direct experiences of bribery in Africa. This, it said Incorporated the views of more than forty seven thousand citizens from thirty five countries across Africa.

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