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TheNigerian News Editorial: We need a united Nigeria now!

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Nigeria’s unity is once again being called to question by political and other forces that see nothing good in any leadership that does not pander to their selfish manipulations.
Coming out of a major election in which all its democratic components of nationhood were tested, it is a major achievement that Nigeria has been able to pull through without a scratch at a time when many nations in Africa are experiencing the equivalent of a political Tsunami.

This major achievement should not only have been celebrated but consolidated with intensified and deliberate moves at deepening the sense of unity and integration to bring on the same platform a people whose approach at nation building and interest may differ.

But the recourse to tribal and ethnic sentiments should be the last option at this time when all hands are required to be on deck to build a virile democratic nation that would be the envy of all.

The resolve of Nigerians to live together under a common destiny has been tested in the past with the major one being the 1967 to 1970 civil war and all forms of putsches that set to redefine patriotism on preconceived trajectories.

The good news is that on these occasions, the country has pulled through leaving many to wonder what is the staying power of Nigeria that has defied all doomsday predictions that point towards social cataclysm and outright disintegration.

Now that a new administration is to be be put in place; one with an established pedigree of patriotism and high sense commitment to social justice, whatever forces trying the will of Nigerians to continue in the resolve of one nation with a common destiny must be shown to the door.

The Nigeria of today is so much advanced and its people well groomed and exposed to the gains of having one strong and virile nation as opposed to a coterie tiny bits of entities, that any action to the contrary would be shut down.

The security challenges in the North east and the current banditry plaguing the Northwest in places like Zamafara and Katsina should not be seen and categorized as symptoms of failure but as a call on the government and all patriotic elements to rise to the occasion.

This in other words means that it is incumbent on all Nigerians to see each challenge in any part of the country as a patriotic duty to contribute their quota towards attaining the kind of ambience required for peaceful living by playing their parts as responsible citizens.

But all these cannot be achieved with the current spate of suspicion, unfounded allegations, tribal sentiments and ethnic jingoism topping the landscape in unrestrained proportion

The President Muhamaadu Buahri administration has proven its commitment towards driving the nation to the path of infrastructural development, economic recovery and social justice.

This has been demonstrated in the laudable programmes and policies across the nation and the appointment of persons into key offices in observance of merit without sacrificing federal character principle.
So far this is the only administration that has gained the trust of the international community in the fight against corruption, elevating Nigeria to the comity of well respected nations among which only few nations in the developing world belong.

The iron cast credibility advantage preceding the reputation of President Muhammadu Buhari should be the driving force for a stratagem that would rally round well meaning leaders, organisations and individuals to the point needed for that commitment to be achieved.

This period after election should serve as ripe for the healing process of resolving past acrimonies to begin while the closeness to the inauguration of a new administration should serve as the tonic for the renewed vigour and enthusiasm towards a new order.

Nigeria and Nigerians have much to gain by building a bigger and stronger nation with its vast human and mineral resources than give the way of the Balkans.

The Buhari phenomenon has broken ethnic and religious jinx at the last poll and the need for us to do away with ethnicity, religion and all forms of bigotry that has kept Nigeria behind in the time past is now.

We are one and need to remain one.

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