Tell Buhari not to let Emefiele leave Nigeria: Matawalle

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Bello Matawalle, the governor of Zamfara State, has pleaded with President Major General Muhammadu Buhari (ret.) to prevent Godwin Emefiele, the governor of the Central Bank, from traveling abroad.

This came after rumors surfaced that the president had granted the CBN governor’s request to take a study leave.


Buhari has demonstrated good faith by indicating that he is prepared to leave the office, according to Matawalle, who made this claim in a statement on Monday.

However, he urged the president to reject any attempt by anyone seeking to undermine the good work he has already accomplished.
“President Buhari and his wife Aisha Buhari have shown good faith and shown they want a seamless orderly, peaceful transfer of power to the incoming administration,” Matawalle claimed.

“They are eager to make sure the new regime begins quickly, without any obstacles, and in a way that is in the best interests of our nation. President Buhari and his wife are acting honorably by doing this, and I applaud them for it.

However, other government employees have behaved differently. They appear to be trying to make things difficult for the incoming government by their actions. It should not be permitted by President Buhari. Any attempt to undermine the excellent work he has done should make him frown.

“I want to implore President Buhari right here and right now to deny any officer who is essential to the launch of Aswaj Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s incoming administration any study leave or other type of leave.

“In the interest of a peaceful handover of power, accountability, and good governance, the President should cancel the leave if it has been approved, as reported in the media.”

The CBN governor needs to be forced to give the incoming administration an account of his tenure, according to the governor of Zamfara.

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“CBN Governor Emefiele oversaw the administration of the nation’s monetary and financial systems. He is the one who conceived of and carried out the recent disastrous naira swap policy, also known as the naira confiscation program, which caused untold suffering and trauma for Nigerians and regressed our nation’s economy, according to him.

“Two of my brother-governors and I fought tenaciously until we won a reprieve for our people from Emefiele and company over this ill-advised policy from the Federal Government.

“This same Emefiele now requests to go on study leave with only about 10 months left in his employment, ostensibly in an effort to avoid having to render accounts. This must change.

“President Buhari ought not to support this. Emefiele needs to continue working so that he can fully account for everything that happened while he was in charge to the new administration. Given that he still has a few months left in his term, he must respond to any queries the new administration may have.

Furthermore, Matawalle urged the president to refuse any request from a government official at any level who wished to leave the country.

Although I would not want to mention their names here, he continued, “I’m aware that some officers in the outgoing government are moving to covertly leave the country at this crucial time they are needed to answer specific questions.

“President Buhari ought not to pay attention to their extravagant and unpatriotic scheme. These strategies are perilous and evil.

They make it abundantly clear that these officers are hiding something. This needs to stop right away. Accountability, transparency, and anti-corruption are not served by any scheme to avoid rendering accounts, he continued.

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