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Sudan’s Military rejects civilian majority in joint council

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Lt-Gen Salah Abdelkhalek

Sudan’s military has rejected civilian majority in joint council as the country prepares for transition to civil rule.

A member of Sudan’s Transitional Military Council said, they were only willing to split representation on a proposed joint transition team with civilians.

Lt-Gen Salah Abdelkhalek said they had rejected a civilian majority in the proposed council with the Alliance for Freedom and Change who led the protests that led to the ouster of ex-president Omar al-Bashir.

Roadblocks are still mounted across the capital Khartoum where a massive protest was held on Thursday calling for a civilian administration. Protest leaders early this week said the junta was not serious about reaching a deal.

“The red line will be not a majority of civilians, they will not accept this… maybe half and half, this is the last point. This is the top point.”

Asked about a team of say seven civilians, seven soldiers he responded: “Maybe, maybe: I can satisfy my soldiers, my officers, we are not alone.”

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