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SARS Monitoring Team orders arrest of policeman.

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SARS Monitoring Team orders arrest of police.
By Joe Oladele, Ibadan.
SARS Monitoring Team orders arrest of policeman. The policeman alleged to be connected with the hijack of a truck with Premium Motor Spirit [PMS] commonly referred to as ‘petrol’ estimated at N3.8m has been ordered to be arrested by the Oyo State police personnel.
This order was given in Ibadan on Tuesday by the Monitoring Team set up by the Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris on the activities of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad [SARS] across the country during its tour of facilities of the Squad in the South West.
Led by two Assistant Commissioners of Police [ACP], Adepojulo Ilori and Abayomi Shogunle, the team was at the SARS headquarters, Dugbe, Ibadan to monitor their activities.
While interrogating some suspects who were brought out of  custody of the anti robbery squad, ACP Ilori, who listened attentively to how the suspects repeatedly mentioned a policeman in connection with the hijack of fuel laden truck twice gave the order.
It was disclosed by the police in charge that the suspects allegedly hijacked a truck laden fuel from which they made N2.5m and also the second one where they made N1.3m, following which Ilori said “you must get that policeman arrested”, adding, ”he appears to be in connivance with the suspects”.
The police officer assured Nigerians that after the overhaul of SARS, the outfit would be completely transformed, saying, ”SARS operatives would henceforth wear police uniform whenever they go for operations’, warning however that any of them who is caught carrying arms while in mufti would be severely dealt with”.
According to him,”henceforth, SARS must wear police uniform whenever they are going for operation, they would no longer be allowed to carry arms wearing mufti. Any of them you see in mufti carrying gun should be reported immediately. We are acting on the complaints of the public who said they found it difficult to identify them”.
ACP Ilori further stated that this measure would be a temporary arrangement as efforts are on to produce a new uniform outfit for SARS nationwide.
He disclosed that there is a special unit of the police that carries out intelligence to counter the notion that wearing police uniform would expose the SARS operatives to danger particularly when they are on undercover assignments.
Equally, ACP Ilori said wearing dreadlocks, ear rings and tatoo by SARS operatives would no longer be allowed, stressing that ”after this exercise, you will see reformed SARS. We are still going to other facilities in Oyo and Ogbomoso just to ensure things are done properly.
“If there are bad eggs, we will take necessary action against them. Those who are not ready to change will be shown the way out. There will be no sacred cow”, he added.
During the tour, the team also took time to interrogate suspects to ascertain if they had any involvement in the crime they were alleged of.
In the case of car snatching, the team called the attention of the leader of SARS to a man who was arrested along with others for allowing a stolen car to be parked in his compound.
From its interrogation, the team asked the SARS leader to take note of the comments of one of the suspects who confessed he did not tell the man that the car was stolen

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