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Sacrificing The Scapegoat From Daura 

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By Ajogwu Jerry Ochada


It was a gloomy scene in the political corridors of Africa’s most populous black nation as lawmakers were denied entry to the hallowed chambers on Tuesday morning.

Fierce looking DSS officers had laid siege at the entrance of the complex, hinting that they were deployed there, obeying “order from above”. Few hours after the drama that featured legislators who belonged to the opposition party, the road was cleared but the scene did not end there. Lawal Daura was booted out of the ruling clique as the sacrificial lamb and the Daura bond could not save his head from the dangling of the hyperactive sledgehammer.


In jubilation of his immediate sack, Prof Yemi Osinbajo(PYO) earned encomium from the opposite bloc with accolades filled proactive salutations. A move that can further ignite a new rift in the ruling class, if not properly managed. In a swift reaction, supporters of President Muhammadu Buhari mounted their social media handles stating that the Acting President, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria acted on instructions he received from his boss. Does this mean PYO in his capacity as the Acting President cannot utilise the authority vested on him? Which ever way, Lawal Musa Daura’s sack is timely, at least to reduce the chanting of critics concerning the disputed and battered bait of “integrity”.


Pundits are also on guard wielding divergent opinions, indicting the Senate President, Dr Bukola Saraki,  as the major architect of the Tuesday morning siege at the legislative house. They alleged that Lawal is a friend to Saraki and the duo connived to perfect the whole drama. Be that as it may, democracy was hampered and it is pertinent that Nigerians and legislators alike get to the roots of lingering debacles without embracing the weakling effects of the incessantly invoked blame game syndrome.


By imbibing a realist approach, it is befitting to adopt few posers to unravel true tales behind the scripted merchants serving as lead actors in this political movie which is suffocating our nascent democracy:


  1. Who ordered the DSS personnel to barricade entrance to the National Assembly?


  1. Where were the APC Senators when the whole drama ensued?


  1. Can the DSS boss take orders from Saraki at the detriment of his job and the brotherhood of his kinsman from Daura?


  1. Can the DSS boss deploy his personnel to the National Assembly without directions?


  1. Why did Osinbajo sack Daura? Was it an “order from above” or he acted according to his own discretion?


To posit the least, Nigerians are entitled to know the truth behind the recent sack of Lawal Daura. In saner climes, the reasons for his sack MUST be made public before the supposed announcement but in this part of the globe, Nigerians are left at the mercies of media houses and some half baked journalists to adduce reasons for the sack.


Daura’s exit from the most sensitive security arm in the country beats a big drum. There may be traces of the baboon romancing the monkey and the king of the jungle was not ready to witness a taboo hence the monkey must be tamed and domesticated before it is too late.


Furthermore, the whole drama in the National Assembly and the restive power interplay is not a healthy leadership style because it is gradually driving our beloved nation to a standstill. If one of the sins of Saraki is because he defected from the ruling party, Aminu Tambuwal did same at the eve of the 2015 election and did not lose his seat. Critics may blame the success of the impunity on the incompetence of President Goodluck Jonathan because it is lucidly defined that cross carpeting from a political party that you rode on its wings to power entails the loss of your seat. In that case, other politicians who defected should also face the music. They should all relinquish their seats and prepare for the general election if at all they are eligible and still interested. It is a bad omen to watch supposed lawmakers disobeying the law without remorse.


In the coming days, many appointees of President Muhammadu Buhari should be ready to quit his cabinet because Mr. Integrity is not ready to take chances. Goodbye Lawal Daura, Buhari will forever remain your brother because the Daura bond remains intact but the Nigeria agenda is superior; far beyond the spirits of Daura brotherhood.


God bless Nigeria!

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