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PDP prepares surprises for APC ahead of NASS leadership tussle

May endorse Sen Ikekwere Madu for Senate Presidency position

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The intrigues and permutations ahead of tomorrow’s national assembly leadership elections seems to have taken a new swing as the main opposition party, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) is believed to be making subtle political moves to alter the equations of the APC and ensure its adopted candidate for the senate Presidency position, Senator Ahmed Lawan did not materialise.
TheNigerian News gathered that the PDP national leadership which appeared to be indecisive over the national assembly leadership election slated for 11th June 2019, has deliberately appeared mute over the issue so as to take the ruling All Progressives Congress by surprise at the floor of the National Assembly on Tuesday when President Mohammed Buhari has given the constitutionally mandated proclamation for the 9th National Assembly to be inaugurated.
A source privy to the in-door deliberations of the PDP decision makers who spoke to the political correspondent of TheNigerian news revealed that the leadership of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) is bent on getting back at Comr. Adams Oshiomhole for his unguarded utterances which denigrated the impact of the main opposition party, PDP in the election of who presides over the affairs of the National Assembly for the next four years. The decision makers in the party have been holding political meetings geared towards decimating the APC’s annointed candidate for the senate presidency position and pitch tents with a rebel in the party who will not be too APC but who will possess an independent cast of mind.
According to our source, “my party do not wish to go public with it’s decisions on the national assembly elections slated for tomorrow, politicall success is often a product of surprises. As i speak with you, many senators-elect of our great party are still not in the loop as to our plans regarding the tomorrow national assembly leadership elections but i assure you that plans are underway to present our own candidate at the floor of the senate tomorrow calculatively to capitalise on the division in the APC and steal the position of the senate Presidency from the ruling party with a block vote from our senators in the floor.”
The source also revealed that the initial plan was to back Danjumah Goje, the former Gombe state govenror and that the opposition party became devastated when he stepped down for the annointed candidate of the APC and therefore have to go to back to the chess board to replan on the path the senators elected under the platform of the party would tow tomorrow in the floor of the senate. In his words, “My party initially wanted a deal with senator Danjumah Goje, you know he is a strong political force and will not be remote-controlled by Oshiomhole or the APC but we were taken aback with his unceremonious withdrawal from the race which took us back to the drawing board. Now we want our own candidate to capitalise on the divided vote the APC senators are expected to cast tomorrow for Sen Lawan and Ndume and give a block vote to a PDP senator which will grant us that juicy position on a platter of gold.” Asked why the PDP did not cut a deal with Sen. Ali Ndume since he is also a rebellious candidate who is not being sponsored by the ruling party, the PDP chieftain said, “no no no, Ali Ndume is not an option. Senator Ahmed Lawan will even be a better independent senate president than Ali Ndume, he is a ‘party fanatic’ and will always yield to the dictates of his party if he eventually emerges.” Our correspondent further prodded the politician to disclose the name of the favoured PDP candidate to which he replied, ” my party is very careful to take into consideration the obvious sentiment the APC is overlooking in it’s power sharing formula. Imagine that there was no position for the SouthEast in the entire power structure at the national level, we are thinking of balancing that lacuna to derive legitimacy. Senator Ikekwere Madu is a ranking senator from the southeast and he is favoured by that sentiment at the moment but we are not also overlooking the yearnings of the Northcentral zone and might also consider Senator Philip Aduda, a ranking PDP senator representing Abuja senatorial zone in the red chambers to clinch the position.”
The source who craved anonymity sounded confident that the PDP’s 46 senators-elect would work in unison to ensure that the directives of the party is followed as they are all waiting for the last instructions from the party hierarchy to make a decision. He also laughed off the recent endoresment and presence of PDP senators-elect at Senator Ahmed Lawan’s campaign meetings as part of the opposition party’s plans of appearing politically  loose so as to wade off suspicions of any kind from the ruling APC in other to perfect it’s agenda at the floor of the senate tomorrow morning.
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