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PDP blows hot, Lampoons Sagay over comments on Zamfara Supreme Court ruling

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PDP blows hot, Lampoons Sagay over comments on Zamfara Supreme Court ruling

The leading opposition party in Nigeria, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in a statement released yesterday by the Party’s publicity secretary, Mr Kola Olagbondiyon berated Prof Isa Sagay, chairman of the Presidential Advisory Committee Against Corruption, for his unfavourable comment on the integrity of the Justices of the Supreme Court over the Court’s widely accepted judgment on Rivers and Zamfara states elections.
The party disclosed that Prof. Sagay’s attempt to bring the respected justices of the supreme court to public odium by resorting to hate language against the Supreme Court justices is a grasp at straws which exposes the desperation of the Buhari Presidency and the ruling All Progressives congress (APC) to cow, blackmail, intimidate and attempt to annex the judiciary, particularly, the Supreme Court, ahead of the determination of PDP’s Presidential election petition, now before the Court of Appeal.
“By declaring the upholding of justice by the Supreme Court as a “national tragedy” and “unimaginable injustice”, and suggesting that, “we (probably, his party members) should not allow” the judgment as delivered, Prof. Sagay is calling for anarchy and rebelliousness against our constitutional democratic order and rule of law.
“Our party believes that such intentional attack on the integrity of the Supreme Court can only emanate from feverish apprehensions by the Buhari Presidency and the APC that they might not have their way in the Presidential election petition, hence this resort to blackmail.
“As a law-abiding party, the PDP holds the integrity of the justices as well as the institution of the judiciary very high and do not support this attempt by agents of the APC to clip and sequester the judiciary for their partisan interests”, part of the statement stated.
The party also avered that the call by a supposed Prof of law, Prof Isa Sagay urging his party and the presidency to reject a valid judgement of the highest court of the land is unfortunate and cannever be excused or justified. The party while thanking the supreme court justices for demonstrating it’s readiness to dispense justice without fear no favour as was visibly shown in their rulings on Zamfara and Rivers elections urged the justices of the court to keep faith in our democratic ethos as a nation and never allow the ruling party remote-control or cow the court into doing their bidding especially with regards to the Atiku v Buhari election petition case which is already at the court of appeals.

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