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PDP and the fallacy of legacy projects

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By David Onmeje

The elections are around the corner, and as usual, the electorates are being fed with all sort of tales especially from the People’s Democratic Party (PDP). While it is not news, the mode of desperation calls for concern.

They have formed the habit of wanting to claim credit for all the infrastructural projects in the country since the advent of the Muhammadu Buhari administration. So bad that even projects that have been in the pipeline for several years under the military era were claimed to have been initiated by the Jonathan government or the Obasanjo government. And at some point, the tales are becoming misleading and indeed worrisome.

While it is not surprising with the way and manner the PDP has laid claims to almost all the legacy projects in the country, it is however surprising with the way it has refused to do his homework to understand that Nigerians are not that gullible and the with the internet, people could easily verify claims made by it.

One of such instances of the display of a lack of critical reasoning, when it indicated that the Goodluck Jonathan era started the new Nnamdi Azikwe Airport Terminal. That is far from the truth. The Sani Abacha regime initiated the airport terminal in 1998 and monies earmarked for it. And as usual, the PDP is laying claims to it.

Again, the implementation of the Treasury Single Account (TSA) that was implemented by the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari sometime in August 2015 was also contested by the PDP. The PDP claimed that the administration of former President Goodluck Jonathan began the implementation of the TSA regime in Nigeria. Hear what the PDP said, “it birthed the idea of the TSA and had started the implementation in phases.” If the claim by the PDP was indeed valid, how come MDAs still operated multiple accounts with commercial banks in the country? How much was the PDP government able to save through the implementation of the TSA policy? Your guess is as good as mine.

We are sufficing to mention that it is on record that about N24.7 billion is saved every month since the implementation of the TSA policy since 2015 by the Buhari Administration. And if indeed the PDP as it claims began the implementation of the TSA policy, how come government agencies still operated multiple accounts? This is another fallacy from the PDP and others too numerous to mention.

It is evident that the PDP would not want to commend President Muhammadu Buhari for his display of patriotism in completing a water project initiated and abandoned by the Jonathan administration in his Otuoke community. Would they feign ignorance of this?

I am not against the fact that they have chosen to blow their own trumpet, I am however averse to telling a blatant falsehood to members of the unsuspecting public to garner votes during the elections. This has been the trend of late, and it has to be stopped because a situation where outright falsehood is peddled to get votes during elections is the height of deceit and disservice to humanity. In my opinion, the new terminal project is so phenomenal that the PDP felt it should take credit for it to attract public sympathy. But it failed woefully.

I stand to be corrected. The over 16 years the PDP was at the helm of affairs of the country witnessed a regime of wickedness in high and mighty places. Those saddled with positions of authorities milked the country dry. When there was abundance, they refused to do the needful in critical sectors like power. Under a particular regime, it was estimated that over 16 billion dollars was spent on the power sector and yet Nigeria is in darkness. Now, what do you call such?

Also, under a particular regime, billions of dollars meant for the procurement of arms and ammunition to fight the insurgency in North East Nigeria at the time disappeared into private pockets, yet officers and soldiers were made to go to the battlefront with unserviceable military hardware that resulted in multiple casualties. If this isn’t wickedness, I do not know what else to call it.

After all of these misdemeanours, the PDP and all its shenanigans still have the moral standing to lay claims to improving the lot of Nigerians while they held sway. That is the height of insensitivity to our collective conscience as a people. It is only in Nigeria that barefaced criminals would still have the audacity to solicit for votes promising to make the country a better place. It is just in a country like Nigeria that those that contributed immensely to the mess we have found ourselves would proudly call themselves elder statesmen and want their voices to count in urgent matters of national interest.

At times I wonder how they think. I also wonder if they have any bit of conscience left in them. It is most despicable and calls for concern from all well-meaning Nigerians that desires progress for this country. And if we are desirous of making progress in this country, the generality of Nigerians must rise to the occasion to give the PDP a final red card from governance in Nigeria.

No matter the claims that they have been peddling as regards legacy projects in the country, just like a leopard cannot change its spots, the PDP can’t and would never take Nigeria to the promised land. It would be suicidal even to attempt to think about that possibility with the conglomeration of men and women of questionable characters in their fold. Nigerians must beware of the impending doom should we make the mistake of electing any PDP member even at local government levels in Nigeria.

Nigeria belongs to all us, and we must rise to this occasion to see that the path of progress that we have embarked on in the past three years is not thwarted by those against the development of our dear country. This time around, we would rise and speak with one voice to say enough is enough for the PDP in Nigeria. Never would we fall victim for their antics again. Never are we going to allow them to brainwash us with claims that are only half-truths?

We must come out and vote for continuity. We must protect our votes. We won’t be deceived anymore by those that have secured the future of their children and great-grandchildren with our commonwealth. I am very sure that this time around, PDP its fallacies would be history in Nigeria. And going by the famous saying “if we don’t know where we are going to, at least we should know where we are coming from.” Nigeria shall be indeed great again.

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