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Outcry As Benin Republic Tax Internet

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The youth population in the Benin Republic has reacted angrily to the country’s latest restriction on internet service.


President Patrice Talon adopted a decree on “Taxation of data bundle” in July which took effect on Wednesday.


According to the decree, internet users will begin to pay levies on usage which cuts across all social media platforms.


For every megabyte of data, users will pay 5 per cent extra as a tax.


Benin is not the first African country to adopt such rule, though.


Ugandans and Zambians pay tax for using the internet.


As expected, this wasn’t welcomed by the youth. Here’s what they had to say on Twitter.


Hello African Twitter. Tomorrow, Benin is taxing the use of social media.


We’ll pay a 5% fee on every megabytes consumed. The #NetNeutrality is under attack. Many small businesses won’t survive.


They don’t want us to speak. It’s time for you to help us make our voices heard


— Fifa (@MylneFlicka) September 18, 2018


Hello African Twitter. It’s done. My country is officially cut off the internet. This is so sad. ?


— Fifa (@MylneFlicka) September 19, 2018


We pay it already in Uganda. Many people just use VPN to avoid this looting


— Gaetano Kagwa (@gaetanokagwa) September 19, 2018


In Uganda we use VPNs..use it in the meantime


— Village Chief™ #FreeBobiWine (@MalingaIr) September 19, 2018


it’s actually 5 cfa per MB #TaxePasMesMo


— Ne #TaxepasMesMo (@Jro_Soumaho) September 19, 2018


Very disapointed that @RomualdWadagni has agreed to apply this tax. Users portofolio will be hit once again on behalf of the big telephony compagnies that become big winners. Only the liberalization of the sector can benefit consumers.


— Xipikat (@xipikat) September 19, 2018


Benin Republic has introduced a 5% tax on every MB used while browsing.


— Africa Facts Zone (@AfricaFactsZone) September 19, 2018


The Benin Republic government has pass a decree on “Taxation of data bundle”. As long as you subscribe/purchase data you will be taxed.

This is bad for everyone especially for “WE” Nigerians that use this means to communicate with our loved ones at home. #TaxePasMesMo


— ?MartinSetonji???? (@Kagemartinz) September 19, 2018


Republic of Benin ?? has worked out a way to silent the voices of young people by placing a draconian tax on the use of social media. A law that’d surely have a negative impact on freedom, businesses and the rule of law.


— JJ. Omojuwa (@Omojuwa) September 19, 2018


Benin is the latest African nation taxing the internet via @qzafrica #TaxePasMesMo


— Fifa (@MylneFlicka) September 19, 2018

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