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Nonso Diobi sheltered me in Lagos – Yul Edochie

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By Toby Prince

Nollywood star, Yul Edochie, has revealed how fellow actor, Nonso Diobi, sheltered and took care of him when he arrived in Lagos in 2005.

In an Instagram post on Wednesday to mark Diobi’s 43rd birthday, Yul said he met Diobi on a movie set when he got to Lagos ‘to hustle for movie roles’.

“In 2005/2006 I came to Lagos to hustle for movie roles. I met @nonsodiobi on a set, he was already a star then,” Yul said.

“We clicked. He said to me ‘come and stay in my house, it’s closer to our location than your brother’s house, you’ll be going to work with me, from there you’ll get to meet more big wigs in the game’.

“This wonderful soul gave me a roof over my head in Lagos, he never complained over anything, fed me and was always willing to assist me in anything. Nonny I never forget oo. Thank you bro! I wish you a very happy birthday and may God grant you all your heart desires. Ezigbo mmadu!”

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