Nollywood celebrities weep as Murphy Afolabi is laid to rest

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Murphy Afolabi, a well-known Yoruba actor, has been laid to rest.

The actor from Osogbo, who was well-known for his Yoruba accent, was buried in front of a large group of grieving friends, family, and sympathizers at his Ikorodu home in the Mopelufa neighborhood by the Aleke Bus Stop in the Ikorodu neighborhood of Lagos State.


Afolabi, who would have turned 49 on May 5, passed away on Sunday after allegedly slipping in his bathroom at his home in Ajao Estate.

When our correspondent went to the deceased’s home on Monday, he or she noticed that some local youths had gathered around the late actor’s unfinished building and prevented news crews from photographing or covering the burial site until later in the day, when the burial actually took place.

The burial, which was supposed to happen at 1pm, didn’t happen until close to 6pm because the body of the deceased didn’t get there until after 5pm.

Additionally, our correspondent noted that the burial site had been prepared much earlier than the body of the deceased had shown up.

“Area boys” cause a commotion

Colleagues and sympathizers flocked to the late actor’s home. Bolaji Amusan, also known as Mr. Latin, the president of the Theatre Arts and Movies Practitioners Association of Nigeria, was one of them. Mr. Latin was stopped from entering the cemetery by a group of young men who claimed to be “omo adugbo” (local boys) and insisted that he “settle” them before entering the graveyard.

After the dispute was settled, Mr. Latin was given permission to visit Afolabi’s burial place.

In a press conference, he called Afolabi’s passing a “great loss” to the Nigerian film industry.

Anybody can pass away, he said. As far as we know, Murphy was healthy. He went to take a bath in the bathroom, slipped, and died, as you must have heard. We were shocked to learn of his passing, and the industry has lost a great talent.

There were still pandemonium scenes being created by the neighborhood boys who were extorting money from the grieving thespians as more actors and actresses arrived at the location.

Additionally, the local boys caused a scene when the deceased’s body arrived at the location around 5 o’clock, which prevented the undertakers from transferring the body from the ambulance that had brought him to the burial ground for a number of minutes.

Thespians Mercy Aigbe, Oluwole Coker (also known as Baraka), Taiwo Akinwande (also known as Yetunde Wunmi), Fausat Balogun (also known as Madam Saje), Yemi Ayebo (also known as Yemi My Lover), and Yemi Ayebo also paid their respects to the late Afolabi.

Afolabi was praised by all of the actors present for his contributions to the Nigerian film industry. Amusan described Afolabi as “a good person” and counseled those he left in the business to work toward maintaining solid records.

Afolabi was too young to have passed away, claimed Wunmi, who was crying as she spoke to the media.

Discussions about getting married

Afolabi’s marital status has been the subject of rumors, with some saying that the deceased had no wife but had children with various women.

Folasade Gold, an actress and a former Afolabi apprentice, declined to comment on the deceased’s marriage in an exclusive interview with The PUNCH.


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