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Nigerians knock Oluremi Tinubu over clash with Elisha Abbo

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By Toby Prince

Nigerians have called out Senator Oluremi Tinubu over a clash with Senator Elisha Abbo on Tuesday at a Senate ad-hoc committee.

The duo exchanged words on Mr Abbo’s appearance before the committee which is investigating a video where the lawmaker was seen assaulting a nursing mother at an adult shop in Abuja.

Abbo, 41, had refused to swear an oath before the panel. He also refused to speak in the presence of journalists because the matter was in court.

“Distinguished, you just joined us. We have a procedure and we are also under law. You don’t come in here and dictate to us what should be done,” Mrs Tinubu told Abbo, a Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) member.

“You are on the other side now. You don’t tell us what to do…because we can suspend you,” she added.

Visibly upset, Abbo said: “I will not sit here and listen to you threaten me with suspension. I am a senator like you. You cannot threaten me with suspension.”

Nigerians have knocked Tinubu, saying she was rude in her approach to her colleague.

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