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Nigeria Air:Aviation Minister Continues To Receive Knocks

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Following the suspension of the the Nigeria Air deal, Mr. Sirika Hadi, Minister for Aviation, has continued to receive knocks from members of public and civil society organisations.
One of such being, a personal letter written by a concerned citizen which TheNigerian was privileged to access. The strong worded letter signed by Chief Philip Agbese, specifically accused the minister of attempting to defraud Nigerians.
Chief Agbese a public policy analyst has in his letter to the minister, accused him of attempting to frustrate the Presidents efforts, while categorically describing the action as evil and wicked.
“To discover that your stewardship is being laced with attempts to defraud the Nigerian state of all things is evil and wicked especially under President Buhari. A President who has sacrificed so much for his integrity doesn’t deserve what you have done to ridicule him and many of us” Agbese alluded.
The public analyst not only accused the minister of lowering the bar of governance set by the present administration but also went on to call for the minister’s resignation in order to save the President public antagonism.
Agbese who is also a civil society activist has further threatened to ensure the minister is sacked if he fails to resign in order to save the nation further embarrassment.
“ This is time for you to resign! And you must resign!! The time is now!!!
Pls do the needful and spare Nigerians and Mr. President the backlash of your ill intended outing in the name of Nigeria Air.
If you don’t resign we are going to force you to do so my brother”. Agbese threatened.

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