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‘NASS Leadership: Zoning Formula Best Suits Omo-Agege’

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The coalition of the Northern Civil Society and Social Cultural Movement for Peace, Development and United Nigeria, which is an amalgamation of over 219 civil society groups and countless diverse associations of Christians and Muslims groups has said that the current zoning formula of the All Progressives Congress (APC) best suits Senator Ovie Omo’Agege for the Deputy Senate Presidency slot.

The group with branches in all the 19 Northern States and beyond, also stressed that this will give all regions a sense of belonging, especially the south in the current leadership equation of the country.

The statement was issued at the end of their quarterly meeting held in Jos, the capital of Plateau State.

Speaking at the end of the meeting, the movement’s National President, Alhaji Sadiq Ibrahim Doma, called on the leadership of the All Progressive Congress (APC) to stand by their earlier decision to zone the position of the Deputy Senate President to the South-South to give every segment of the country a sense of belonging even as he described Senator Omo’Agege as the most competent aspirant among all those clamoring for the position.

“He said Ovie is intelligent, he has the legislative experience, he is a legal luminary and a very detribalize Nigerian with huge nationalistic spirit that many may mistake him to be a Senator of all Nigerians in view of his love for every Nigerians irrespective of their ethnicity, religion and political affiliations that by every tickling of the clock crosses his path.

“In fact, if not him to occupy such exalted position with huge intellectual and magnanimous demands, who else among the APC Senator from the South-South could occupy the position? The zoning formula as decided by the leadership of APC favors him, then there’s no need to search too long, the president said.’

“Again, if they want to base their debate on loyalty to the executive arm of the Buhari lead government, Senator Ovie should be the number one.”

He implored President Muhammadu Buhari, the leadership of APC and Members of the red chamber of the National Assembly not to trade their destiny and the future of the entire Nigerians by mistakenly given the position to those with selfish and greedy mind while calling on all the aspirants contesting for the position from the South-East to step down for Distinguished Senator Ovie Omo Agege to ensure spirit of sportsmanship.

He implored all the Senators elect of the 9th Assembly to handsomely reward the humble, fearless, loyal and hard-working Senator Ovie with the Deputy Senate President in view of his loyalty which in most cases has caused him a lot of pains, humiliations and embarrassments.

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