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We Are Making Efforts To Register rAPC- Buba Galadima

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For over a month, the All Progressives Congress (APC), had suffered internal wrangling, caused by disaffection on the part of some members.

Whilst observers expected the party to come up with an internal mechanism to resolve the crisis, not many persons expected the formation of a parallel Reformed All Progressives Congress (RAPC).

In this interview, leader of the group and former ally to President Muhammadu Buhari, Buba Galadima, opens up to Benneth Joshua, issues surrounding the creation of the RAPC.

Why are you insisting on the Reformed All Progressives Congress despite efforts by the leadership of your former party, All Progressives Congress, to reconcile aggrieved members?

Who did they talk to? At least nobody has spoken to me. And I am the leader of the party, not the breakaway faction.

Because I have more stakes than all those that they’re talking about.

They were not there when we were signing the memorandum of association. They are only beneficiaries or they want to be beneficiaries.

But has the Reformed APC addressed the grievances that led to its emergence in the first place?

That is why we call it the reformed APC so that things will be done according to rules; according to the law and according to our constitution and the constitution of the country: not the right of the might. That’s our mission.

Don’t you think that spearheading the rAPC will affect your personal relationship with President Buhari?

It will not affect our relationship in any way. I’m talking about principles and I can do that with my father.

Do you remember Chief Alvan Ikoku and Guy Ikoku? He contested against his father on principles and defeated his father.

So what has been your relationship with the President?

Excellent! Unless he tells you otherwise. But for me, it’s been excellent.

Have you had contact with him since this movement started?

There’s no need because I’m not fighting him. I’m fighting what is going on in the party. And on principles.

Are we looking at the reformed APC which is just a group at the moment…. (Cuts in)

We are more than just a group. We’ve 75% representation across the country.

But it’s just a group at the moment until it is registered with INEC… (Cuts in)

We’re already making efforts to register with INEC. Moreover the APC we’re trying to reform is our vehicle. We don’t need INEC. We need the court to pronounce.

Are you looking at picking a presidential candidate come 2019?

Why not if the court says we are the authentic, and whether those who claim to be leaders were really elected.

That means until the court makes the pronouncement, it is safe to assume that the Reformed All Progressives Congress is just a group?

What do you mean? We have locus that is why we went to court. Let the court say we have no locus.


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