Kogi in 7 years under Gov Bello has surpassed expectations – NDP

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The National Democratic Platform (NDP) has hailed Alhaji Yahaya Bello for his remarkable achievements in seven years as Kogi State Governor.

In a statement signed by its President, Adeyemi Adewolo, the group said Governor Bello has redefined governance with his purposeful leadership.

Adewolo said Alhaji Bello has transformed the Confluence State from a laughing stock to a center of attraction.

From security, education, quality healthcare, youth development, and many others, the group said the governor’s footprints have been felt in almost all the communities in the state.

Highlighting some of the myriads of projects and achievements under the New Direction Blueprint, Adewolo named the brand new Confluence University of Science and Technology, CUSTECH, at Osara, the Confluence Rice Mills at Ejiba, the various township roads networks at Idah, Okene, and Kabba and intra-state roads in the three senatorial zones, massive erosion works at Ankpa, Ogugu, and other places, as well as other roads, hospitals, schools, and sundry vital infrastructure.

He noted that the establishment of the world-class Reference Hospital in Okene with the capacity to handle
complicated medical and surgical cases is an evidence of the governor’s foresight to promote medical tourism in the state.

He added that Kogi has now become an investment hub and the country’s next economic capital.

“We remember 2015, at that time when the country was being plagued by insecurity. Bello stepped to calm the tension. He halted security breaches and inter-tribal squabbles. Today, Kogi is relatively peaceful as residents go about their businesses without hindrances

“Kogi state at that time was notorious as the den of crimes and criminalities. Due to the state’s strategic location, armed robbers and kidnappers attacked travellers frequently. However, on coming to office, he declared a full-blown war on armed robbers, criminals, and kidnappers operating in the state.

“We are also aware the governor has given opportunities to women and youths to harness their contributions in governance at all levels.

“No surprise the United Nations commended the governor for building an inclusive and gender-sensitive local governance system through the appointment of women as vice chairpersons in all the 21 Local Government Areas of the state.

“The World Bank Transparency award also shows that the governor is not a local champion. The administration took deliberate steps to beef up the revenue profile of the state which culminated in the remarkable increase of the state’s Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) from N350 million monthly to N1.3 billion naira.

“When it comes to fighting for and defending the corporate and strategic interest of his state, no governor in Nigeria comes near Governor Bello. And when it comes to stopping powerful forces from trampling upon the rights of Kogites, Governor Bello gives it his all and does not get intimidated by the status or profile of any individual or organization.”

The group, therefore, concluded that the governor has surpassed expectations by all indices.

While calling on other governors to follow Bello’s lead, however, GYB did not relent until the final second of his administration.

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