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Kim Jong Un re-elected as North Korea’s leader in personnel shakeup

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By Toby Prince

Kim Jong Un has been re-elected as North Korea’s leader in a shakeup of the country’s ruling personnel.

Mr Kim was again named chairman of the State Affairs Commission, the nation’s most important decision-making body.

The election came at the first session of the Supreme People’s Assembly which re-elected Mr Kim because of his “outstanding ideological and theoretical wisdom and experienced and seasoned leadership”, state media reported.

The leader, 35, holds many government, military and ruling party leadership titles, but he technically rules the country in his capacity as commission chairman – a post he was first elected to in 2016.

One of Mr Kim’s top lieutenants, Choe Ryong Hae, was appointed president of the assembly’s presidium – a council of executive officers – and also elected to the new post of first vice-chairman of the State Affairs Commission.

The presidium president post is North Korea’s nominal head of state, although all power is heavily concentrated on Mr Kim, the third-generation member of his family to rule the North since his grandfather founded it in 1948.

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