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It is better to allow a criminal escape than kill, Police Commander blows hot

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By Sylvanus Okpe

Following the recent spate of unlawful killing of harmless civilians, Police officers have been advised to allow a criminal escape rather than kill indiscriminately.

In a video shared by Roots TV, Tunji Dissu, the commander of Rapid Response Team was seen in the middle of uniformed men urging them to imbibe the professional ethics handed them at the academy.

The senior officer who spoke majorly in local creole language, pidgin, reminded his colleagues that it was the taxpayers’ money that was used in purchasing their weapons for the protection of the properties and lives of the citizens.

As such it is tantamount to a grave betrayal of trust to turn around to kill innocent civilians with same guns.

Dissu also reminded them of a fundamental firearm regulation rule which provides that “it is better for a criminal to escape than an innocent civilian being killed”.

He, however, urged officers to reduce the rate at which they go about with guns.

Recall that there has been a litany report of purported killings of Innocent citizens on the social media lately which has sparked outrage in the media circle.

Many Nigerians even called for the scrapping of Federal anti rubbery squad (F-SARS), a unit of the Nigerian police force and the total reform of the entire law enforcement agency.

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