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How Supreme Court Ruling against APC in Zamfara stopped the release of Buhari’s Cabinet list on May 29

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How Supreme Court Ruling against APC in Zamfara stopped the release of Buhari’s Cabinet list on May 29

Many lobbyists in the camp of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) were taken aback by the President when he declined to follow the old rule of making a speech after his colourful swearing in ceremony on the 29th of May at the Eagle’s square in Abuja.

Politicians who were expectant of a possible unveiling of the cabinet list on the inauguration day were said to have been taken aback by the President’s unprecedented action and have since shifted all hope to June 12.

An aide to one of Buhari’s former Ministers who spoke to a correspondent of TheNigerian news on the condition that his identity be concealed revealed that his boss and other lobbyists were not prepared for the unusual action of the president at the Eagle square on May 29 and had expected that a list be released as many of them had called together a circle of their close friends and political associates ready for celebration upon the release of the list. “My oga and other politicians who are interested in making the cabinet list were surprised by Mr President. We expected the list to follow the inauguration speech of the president and I can confidently tell you that many politicians had already brought in trusted associates and close relatives to their homes here in Abuja ready to jubilate once the list is called”, he said.

Asked if he was sure that there was a “ready” ministerial list given that the 2015 cabinet list had taken the President 6 months to constitute and the fact that the presidency had earlier debunked the rumoured London cabinet list saga, the ministerial aide answered, “Yes i can tell you for sure that the list though not within the purview of many has been constituted and was ready to be released on May 29 as the president had taken steps to save his 2nd tenure of the barrage of outrage that followed the six months delay in forming his cabinet list in 2015 but we later understood some unforseen political developments delayed the unveiling of the list on May 29”. The politician who grudgingly gave an answer when our correspondent prodded further to ascertain the ‘unforseen occurrence’ that must have stopped the president from unveiling the ministerial list on May 29 said, “You journalist will always want to know everything even the one that does not concern you, well, you should have known by now that the highest court in our country sacked the entire 36 APC stalwarts elected into different political offices in Zamfara state. The development was not foreseen, the ruling party and the President are taking steps to accommodate the affected party members and that ugly development just came a day or two to the inauguration day which afforded the President little time to make changes in the list so it had to be put on hold. This is party politics and every interest must be accommodated for the benefit of our party and ofcourse, Nigeria at large”.

In reply to the question of when Nigerians should expect the cabinet list, the Ministerial aide half in jest and half seriously answered, “stay glued to your Television come June 12 during the democracy day celebration as we are hoping the president might have wrapped up whatever he was doing with the list and would come up with the names of competent people who will help the administration in realising it’s vision of taking Nigeria to the Next Level for the betterment of Nigeria and the benefit of all Nigerians”.

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