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Forum tells Buhari to tackle poverty to eradicate security challenges

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By Bukola Olasanmi

The International Leadership Roundtable Forum (ILRTF) has called on President Muhammadu Buhari, to address the gap between the rich and the poor in the country to reduce the security challebges in the country.

President of ILRTF, Barrister Collins Aimuan gave the advise in Abuja, during the group’s membership round table dinner.

He said, “We are at a very dangerous time. We are just starting, if we don’t do something very fast to cover up the unemployment and frustration, lack of food, houses in the country for people, it will escalate.”

He said since 1999 till date there has been a serious quest for industrialisation and provision of employment for the people, adding that Nigerians have no reason to think about unemployment.

He said everything Nigerians are experiencing today was as a result of inequity in wealth distribution that has translated to the escalation of criminality in Nigeria, adding “until that one is solve you will never solve the question of crime and killings in Nigeria”

He continued, “Nigerians are frustrated, hungry and tired, they don’t know what to do, so the devil has now given them a job, again if our security apparatus is not compromised, I am not saying security enforcement alone without nothing for people to eat, no employment will solve the problem”.

“My advice to the President is to go back to the drawing board and make sure the people we call Governors, commissioners, Council Chairmen in the state, translate the wealth of the country to the people because Nigeria has no reason why people should be poor, the government should revisit inequities, wherever there is inequity in Nigeria, there should be focused on industrialisation, business development in Nigeria for the essence of the people, if Nigerians are okay the issue of security will reduce”

“If you go to the root cause of what Nigeria is experiencing you discover that there are agitation as a result of frustration as a result of unemployment, frustration as a result of the fact that when young people see political actors in government riding cars, all sort of brandishing wealth of which they grew up together with these people that are criminals now without having a reason to acquire these wealth they begin to feel agitated and angry”.

“An angry and idle mind is the workshop of the devil, they are translating their anger, even in the churches and mosque, they way pastors brandish wealth in the very eye of people with abject poverty up to 80 percent of Nigerians”.

“So they are now living up to fight back as a result of anger, insecurity in civilised world is curtailed by the wealth of the people, when you close the gap between the rich and poor, let there be level playing field for all.”

“Even the churches and pastor’s must revisit the foundation of what they are doing and make sure that the wealth of the church is not just for the pastor alone, it should be distributed in such a way that the members will feel the blessings and goodness of God.”

Also the Director General of the Forum, Justice Emmanuel Fangbenle, explained that the essence of the forum was to give people with leadership potentials the opportunity to sit down, think, analyse ways to make Nigeria better and safe for all.

On his part, Gen. John Gbor (Rtd), said the President must try and do something that is slightly different from what he has been doing to step up the security.

“If the security agencies are unable to cope with the situation the President should try something different by involving or mobilising the entire nation to stand up to the challenge of their own security under the leadership of the traditional rulers and the local police officers at the local and state government level.”

“Security is the responsibility of everybody, every household is responsible for his security and the hoseholder is responsible a for the security of his people and the traditional ruler is responsible for the security his people.”


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