FACT CHECK: Did UK’s prime minister, Rishi Sunak offer sacrifice before entering his new office? 

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Rishi Sunak was announced the leader of Britain’s Conservative Party Monday afternoon following Liz Truss’s resignation on Thursday after a turbulent 44-day tenure in office as British Prime Minister.

Sunak was the only nomination received by the committee after Penny Mordaunt withdrew from the Tory’s leadership race. He is the youngest Prime Minister of the UK. 

On Tuesday evening, a 24 seconds video was posted on social media by a Twitter user, @DeeOneAyekooto insinuating that Sunak performed some spiritual cleansing before entering his new office.  

“The new Prime Minister prays before he enters his new office”, the post read.


This has, however, generated a lot of reactions as many Nigerians argued he may soon bring idols to office. 

TheNigerian News ran a quick reverse image on the video but discovered that it is not new. He did this in November 2020, to herald the beginning of Diwali.

According to findings, it is called the Lighting of Diyas and Hindus believe doing this at the entrance of a house drives away negative energies, starts a new beginning, and brings in prosperity, peace, and security.

Sunak was born in England, to parents born in East Africa. But he is of Indian origin. He’s the first Hindu and first person of color to become British prime minister. That’s being celebrated by Hindus around the world, but especially in Hindu-majority India, which is currently governed by Modi’s Hindu nationalist party. 

The videos and photos on social media of Sunak in Hindu religious garb are not recent.

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