Drama occurs in court when senior attorney stops LP proceedings

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There was some uncertainty in the courtroom when a Senior Advocate of Nigeria who is not on the Labour Party’s legal team declared that the party will be appearing on Friday.

The Justices’ panel denied him recognition and reprimanded the senior advocate for trying to cause confusion by not mentioning his name, saying that “He should know better” in response to his justification that “He was given a brief to appear.”


Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s presidential candidate, announced an appearance for both himself and the party while the case was being called and before to the drama.

Recall that on Wednesday, after the Lamidi-Apapa-led delegation attended the hearing, there was fighting between different Labour Party groups in the courtroom.

Following the heated struggle for the national leadership of the Labour Party, confusion broke out at the Presidential Election Petition Court.

Recall that Julius Abure’s position as National Chairman of the LP was suspended by the Federal High Court in Abuja.

Due to the suspected falsification of documents, including court records, the court prohibited him and four other people from posing as national officers of the party.

After that, Lamidi Apapa assumed the role of acting chairman, but the party has since been in turmoil.

The various factions of the party engaged in a verbal battle over which faction was the genuine one just before the court met on Wednesday for the resumed proceedings in the pre-hearing of the petition filed by the LP and its presidential candidate against the president-elect, Bola Tinubu.

Members of the party loyal to Abure were present in court, but the Apapa-led faction of the LP questioned their presence.

They claimed that the Abure-led faction’s suspension following a High Court of the FCT decision is still in effect.

When the case was summoned a short while later, the PEP court refused to recognize any of the factions or their representative, with the exception of the first petitioner, Obi, who was in co

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