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Drama as 4 women fight in mortuary over dead man

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By Toby Prince

It was drama at the Kerugoya hospital mortuary as four women fought each other claiming to be the bonafide wife of the late Peter Mwangi Gichobi.

The tug of war led to the suspension of the process of removing the body from the mortuary as every woman among the four wanted to sign for the removal of the body.

The 32-year-old Gichobi from Ngomongo village who was a member of the Kutus Riders bodaboda Operators (K.R.O) died in a tragic road accident.

Trouble started when the members of his family converged at the Kirinyaga county funeral mortuary with his four wives each armed with photographs of the deceased in an effort to prove that Gichobi belonged to them.

Police was later called in and took the four wives to the police station in an effort to convince them to agree on who was to sign for the removal of the body.

They later agreed that one of the uncles of the deceased would sign for the removal of the body since both of the deceased’s parents were not alive.

“We had all the faith that the burial of our late husband would proceed without a hitch but to our shock you can see what is happening now,” one of the wives said tearfully.

Three of the women claimed to have had children with the deceased with the fourth woman being expectant who said men should live an open life with their partners to avoid family fights when they die.

She said, “having secret multiple relationships will only serve to bring embarrassments like the one experienced today where Gichobi’s body was delayed for several hours.”

Area  Member of County Assembly, Harrison Mwangi  who was present said men ought not to marry many women keeping them in secrecy.

He said it would have been to the best interest of the family if the four women had known each other while the deceased was alive.

“Nobody is happy about what has happened in this place today, it is a very bad picture indeed,” said Mwangi.

The  family members later removed the body for burial at Gichobi’s home in Ngomongo village at the outskirts of Kutus town.

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