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Dino Melaye And The Burnt Project 

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By Ajogwu Jerry Ochada

In a popular Igala parlance, it is clearly envisaged that “a corpse is found on the road and there are traces of the movement  of a horse around the scene, who is responsible for the death?” Is it the horse or someone whose trace cannot be seen at the scene?

It is no longer news that the Senator representing Kogi West, Dino Melaye’s project, scheduled for commissioning today in Lokoja was razed down by “unknown hoodlums” who may never be arrested for their crime.

While the incidence cannot be linked to anyone or group of persons, it is not a big task to point accusing fingers because of the lingering crisis and the escalated political rancour prior to this time.

Be that as it may, it is only the law enforcement agents who can uncover those behind the dastardly orchestrated act. However, it is now on record, that the embattled Senator utilised his constituency developments fund judiciously to some greater extent but it was vandalised by unknown elements of mischief, for reasons best known to them.

The intent of those behind this shameful act is not targeted at Dino Melaye but it has deprived the next generation the liberty to learn, hence the perpetrators and their sponsors should be ready for the judgment of karma now or later.

It is a grievous attempt to set a school on fire perhaps because of political reasons. It is a fight taken too far because the innocent inclination of the pupils who are now left with no option than to sit back at home is a curse earned by the ignoramuses who connived to effect this act of sheer wickedness.

Early this week, it was alleged that there was some circulation of pamphlets warning the sponsor of the now vandalised project not to come to Kogi state for the commissioning exercise. In a sane and developed clime, where the security apparatus is sophisticated, the originator of such threat can easily be traced and apprehended, but here we are at variance with a crooked security system designed to cater for the needs of the big wig while the masses wallow in the insecurities of their localities without any option of protection of lives and properties.

Same night the burning incidence occurred, the Director of Works, Federal Political Idah, Kogi state was assassinated by “unknown gunmen” at his residence. According to sources, the incidence occurred at about 8pm in the evening when residents were still going about their normal businesses.

In another ugly development which occurred this week in Kogi state, a traditional ruler and his driver were kidnapped by some “unknown gunmen”. During the unfortunate attack, a son of the yet to be released traditional ruler attempted to prevent the incidence but was killed on the spot.

These cases of insecurity in Kogi state thrived within a space of days not up to a week. Something is wrong, somehow and somewhere and the bottom line does not only require the beef up of the security system in the state but a collective effort by aborigines and residents to forestall further damage, deaths and the growing spate of kidnapping.

Back to the story of Dino’s vandalised project, politicians should restrict their disagreements not to feature attack or damages on developmental strides.

Who so ever that builds a school has built a future and anyone responsible for the destruction of schools and properties has attracted a curse of illiteracy on his / her generation. Politics should not be utilised as a tool to fight opponents but a call to serve humanity.

For it is now on record, that once upon a time, Senator Dino Melaye built or renovated a school for the benefits of his constituents but it was vandalised and razed down by some illogical minds who presume  they are fighting Dino but in effect they are fighting the development of the land and the academic pursuits of the future generation.

This is not the first time Senator Melaye is facing an attack in Kogi state. It will be recalled that he narrowly escaped assassination during a protest he led in Lokoja. However, two of his supporters paid the supreme price.

The various security agencies in Kogi state should call for an emergency security conference aimed at curbing the ugly menace and sour stories of insecurities trending in the state.

Protection of life and properties should be of premium importance to any government in power because it defines the effective nature of such leadership. To this end, the government of Kogi state should accord issues of security an improved attention aimed at protecting lives and properties thereby reducing the rising cases of insecurity.

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