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Car stolen on National Assembly premises

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A Honda Accord car has been reported stolen at the premises of the National Assembly in Abuja, Northern City News reports.

The blue Honda Accord 1998 model was said to belong to a member of staff of the National Assembly, Mathias Obaje.

Mr Obaje works at the Legislative Scrutiny Department, Directorate of the House of Representatives.

Obaje, who is contesting for the position of Vice-Chairman of the Parliamentary Staff Association of Nigeria, told Northern City News on Saturday that he had locked the car properly only to return after work and could not find it.

“I parked behind the Malima Restaurant around 9am and I locked the car properly. It was the day for debate and manifesto. After our presentations, I came out around 4.45pm and I did not see the car.

“I went to the Crime Office at the National Assembly; from there, we proceeded to the DPO’s office. I gave them the particulars and details of the vehicle. They said they were going to investigate it,” he said.

Obaje also said the police were yet to give any update on the theft incident.

Obaje added: “That same car was also robbed of its battery before it was eventually stolen on Friday. At the reconstructed car park (directly behind the complex, which shares a fence with the Presidential Villa), the battery was stolen in August 2017.

“I feel bad and insecure that if such things could be happening here, that is to say that the entire premises is not safe. I will also advise the security agencies and the management of the complex to introduce tallies, which should be issued to motorists going in and retrieved from them when going out.”

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