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Boko Haram: When Passionate Ignorance Hurts National Psyche

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By Philip Agbese

Unpretentiously, Nigeria has not been completely freed or insulated from the multiple insecurity challenges. Every day, there are new experiences in violence and killings of ourselves across Nigeria. We have knowingly and satanically chosen this direction of destruction.

Over the years, some of these crises have been allowed to deepen their suffocating dominion on the peace and security of the country before President Muhammadu Buhari became our leader. But in truth, the administration has not rested on its oars and still doing its very best to quench the conspiratorial gang-up against Nigeria, manifest in instigated violence, killings and arsons.

I don’t know Buhari personally and there is every doubt that I would ever get to meet the COAS and leader of the counter-insurgency operations, Gen. TY Buratai or any of the Service Chiefs face to face.

But let truth be told. These leaders have collectively acted as our bulwark against the multilayered violence and killings against us these past four years. They deserve our empathy and encouragement. The insecurity situation in Nigeria could have been worse had the present political and military leadership reneged in stamping their foot.

What some of us don’t know is that the suspected foreign sponsors of the crises and massacres of our people and destruction of communities are angered that Nigeria has not been crumbled as intended by now, but still waxing stronger as one indivisible country.

They are more than perplexed and the plots are greased every day. Two weeks ago, I read somewhere in the media that Iran has allegedly released $2 million to members of the Sheik Ibrahim El-Zakzaky led Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN). Iran is recognized globally, even by the United Nations, as one stubborn nation sponsoring terror groups around the word. Boko Haram terrorists are also sponsored by terrors sects from Iran. Its not a hidden fact.

As Nigerians read this piece, Washington is in serious brawls with Tehran, over rising tensions in the Persian Gulf, these past few days. America claims Iran plots to attack targets of the United States or its allies in the Middle East, following Iran’s announcement that it would withdraw from parts of a nuclear agreement. The veiled message is all about Iran’s appetite in promoting terrorism to America’s detest.

US Secretary of States, Mr. Mike Pampeo explains the raging conflict briefly as “a radical increase in Iranian-supported entities…This is a kleptocratic regime that has stolen billions of dollars and wastes the Iranian people’s own money on these proxy wars all across the world.”

So, fighting terrorism is really terrific, if the likes of one Benjamin Amaechi would just proceed beyond decorating themselves as armchair critics, the complexity would stare them in the face. He would not have tweeted the denigrating message on Nigeria’s war with terrorists. Does Amaechi know America with its might and thousands of troops have spent nearly two decades battling terrorism in the Middle East, but no end in sight yet?

But back in Nigeria, we “democratically,” support the Shiites in Nigeria sect, (IMN), the budding terror group supported by Iran with all manner of adoring “appellations,” known to law and democracy. Are we this crazy people?Are we the only democratic nation in the world?

I am infuriated with Amaechi’s patulous tweet two days ago on his handle. This Nigerian bemused me when he tweeted that; “12 yrs now we can’t defeat BH, (Boko Haram), we can’t clear Sambisa for farming. Truth is that certain people are gaining from the insurgency, Just like mining in Zamfara and Kaduna. If we can’t name the political general behind it..let’s start with the captains. Violence is taking over the land.” (sic)

I sympathize with Amaechi because I believe he is an intellectual dwarf, attested by the morphology of his tweet. But I believe every one of us is concerned about the resurgence of violence in the country. But it is also not very strange from our experiences because at every political/democratic transition to another dispensation, Nigeria is usually engulfed in violence before and after the ballot perpetrated by youths and thugs armed for the purpose of the elections. It’s same experience for the 2019 post general elections era.

But regrettable, I am not addressing Amaechi directly per se. However, he goofed terribly by claiming Boko Haram has not been defeated by the Buhari Presidency. With no intention to impugn his origins, I believe by virtue of Amaechi’s name, he could possibly hail from any part of Southern Nigeria. I want to believe he has never visited the Northeast, the epicenter of Boko Haram terrorism in the last 12 years like he stated in his tweet.

And geographical distance has severed Amaechi from the reality about Boko Haram insurgency four years back and the palpable difference now under the Buhari Presidency. I am tempted to believe his lack of knowledge is responsible for the careless statement about Boko Haram.

To read all grab a copy of this week’s News Flash, TheNigerian News for more.

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