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Bobrisky goes wild, exposes cleavage

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By Ene Onoja

Nigerian cross-dresser Bobrisky has thrown Nigerians in a state of confusion after releasing photos of himself showing some cleavage.

The social media celebrity is known to have no boobs as he is a man but the recent photos show Bobrisky with a pair of boobs and this has got Nigerians on social media confused.

Some were of the view that it was fake, a costume perhaps and others questioned if he had finally gone for a boob job to complete his feminine look.

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Nigerians reactions below:

 “You are a spirit that has a soul and lives in a body. Your body is just like a vehicle for your spirit which is genderless. A spirit can only function on this earth with a physical container which is subject to alteration just like Bobrisky did. Your soul is your true self.”

Nigerians swear Bobrisky expressing himself on his own terms is what is spoiling Nigeria not those that skim off  invoices or those bribing VIO.

BobRisky didn’t come to play. Man is flaunting cleavage already, Ladies if your Bae loves brezz hold him tight cause Bob risky

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