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Benue 2019: What is eating Ortom and PDP up?

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Just yesterday, Governor Samuel Ortom and his party the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in Benue alleged that the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the state has called for deployment of security to the state for the Saturday, March 9, Gubernatorial and State Assembly elections.

We wished to state here clearly that yes, we have called on the federal government to send enough security to the state. The aim is to secure the people’s lives and wishes which they will be demonstrating practically using their fingers on the ballot papers come Saturday.

What we do not know and are surprised is allegations by Ortom that the security is coming to rig the elections for us and our party, the APC.

We are not surprised and knowing Ortom well and his antics as a master rigger, we can only take this as his subtle attempt to divert attention from their mastery rigging plans of the same election.

Recalled that during the last elections, the PDP under Ortom used thugs to harass, intimidate and perpetrate acts of violence on voters in Guma, Ukum and Logo Local Government Areas.

With the near total absence of security personnel at voting centres, Ortom and the PDP with their rigging machinery using thugs, took charge. They openly breached the electoral laws by using money and other materials especially cooking ingredients like salt to physically buy votes in areas like Gwer-East, Gwer-West, Okpokwu and Ogbadibo Local Government Areas, because of the total absence of security agents.

Again, it was Ortom that flooded Guma and especially the three wards of his Nongov clan including Saghev, Nzorov and Kaambe with his well armed militia, the Livestock Guard where the place was declared out of bounds to the opposition. The APC candidate for Makurdi/Guma, Conrad Terhide Utaan who is the Governor’s kinsman was shot at and sacked from his village by the militia loyal to Ortom thereby disenfranchising him.

By our request for the presence of security to ensure peace, safeguard the people’s wishes and prevent frictions at voting centres that may snowball into crises where lives and properties maybe touched, Ortom and the PDP are no longer comfortable.

Moreover, is it not curious that same Governor Samuel Ortom who has consistently complained of Security challenges in Benue State is now against security operatives coming in to ensure violence-free elections?

Surely he has something up his sleeves.

The PDP know that they are loosing this elections due to the Poor Performance of their candidate, Governor Samuel Ortom.

Apart from the fact that the Benue masses have come to realize that Samuel Ortom and the PDP represent fraud, his abysmal performance viz, owing state civil servants for 6 months, local government workers and primary school teachers for 11 months, pensioners for 17 months, as well as non-execution and commissioning of a single project in the state in his almost 4 years running is indeed a mistake no true Benue person would want it repeated.

There are also several unresolved murder cases woven around the Governor, especially with the involvement of top men of his government and political associates.

The people are also already aware that the man has mortgaged the future of the state by taking well over N78bn loans that will take not less than 2 generations to upset with nothing to show for it.

Benue People require security to protect their votes and ballot boxes from electoral malpractice to forstal what happened during the last Presidential and National Assembly elections.

Benue State need to sustain their change mantra and vote in someone who would liaise with the powers at the centre and harvest dividends for the state but not one who would take another four years and display his specialty in fighting everybody in sight including daily pouring insults on the President of the country who has the knife and yam as far as the laws of the land are concerned.

Ortom and the PDP’s allegations could only be likened to the cry of “WOLF ! WOLF” where there is none and should be dismissed as a ploy to engage in the usual electoral malpractice for which they are known for.

Kula Tersoo

Deputy Director – Communications

Jime/Ode Campaign Organisation (JOCO) 2019.

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