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Bauchi 2019: Gov. Abubakar Demystifying Oppositions

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By: Najeeb Ibrahim

It’s barely two months to the much awaited 2019 general elections and the political climes are getting steamed up by the day.

In what may well appear as the final preparation for the to ughest battle, political gladiators have been seen putting their houses in together in order to either wrest power from the incumbent or get re-elected for a second term at various elective positions, as the case may be.

But in a rather proleptical start, and, for the past three years, media platforms both the traditional and the highly volatile social media have been awash with the prevailing politics in Bauchi State even when it was supposedly not time for politicking.

For instance, after his successful emergence as the Governor of the state on the platform of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Governor Abubakar had a peculiar “fortune” of being faced with overwhelming challenges that included massive inherited government malfunctions and a potpourri of internal and external opposition.

Indeed, as a result of the stiff opposition the governor encountered right from the beginning of his administration and the historically complex nature of Bauchi politics, many did believe that Gov. Abubakar would hardly overcome all the hurdles let alone sailing to the second term in 2019. The peculiarity of Bauchi politics as at Gov. Abubakar’s emergence was that some of his own party men were the same set of people that ganged up against him. They had from the beginning thrown decorum and party loyalty to the wind in what may now curiously appear that they intentionally supported him to fight him and make his government fails.

More hurdles to cross….

It’s not really easy to fight many battles at a time, no matter the sophistication of one’s armaments and the size of his soldiers. For Governor Abubakar, the only option for him was to either stay and fail or faces the enormous challenges of righting the wrongs of the past administration to get the state out of the woods, play the politics of within and then the outside oppositions.

Yes, it’s the survival of the fittest.

Instead of PDP to be his major opposition, it was his party men infamously led by Hon. Yakubu Dogara and other wolves in a sheep’s clothing within the same APC that ganged up against his administration for selfish reasons.

Of course, the reasons are as disturbing as they are mind boggling.

It wasn’t because the gentleman Governor isn’t doing what is expected from him as Bauchi State Chief Executive, his only ‘’unforgivable offence’’ was that he has changed the status quo from the ignoble to the noble. Abubakar’s ‘’offence’’ was his insistence that Bauchi is no longer a state where state treasury would be surrendered to the feet of few powerful individuals for them to suck dry to the detriment of the majority.

As expected, Gov. Abubakar was fiercely challenged by the trio of Ali Pate, Bala Jibrin and Yakubu Lame during the last APC’s gubernatorial primaries. And after all the pressures mounted on the party by the three of them, which prompted the reversal from the indirect to direct primaries, he overwhelmingly defeated them in a free, fair, and credible contest. This defeat would later see a rather desperate Ali Pate move to contest on the platform of the People’s Redemption Party (PRP). Sadly for Mr Pate, he went alone as his supporters have recently moved to support the APC.

Gov. Abubakar weathering the storms ahead of the 2019…

Thanks to his tenacity of purpose and commitment to the Bauchi emancipation, the political horizon has become clearer for Gov. Abubakar. Despite the hues and cries by his adversaries, he led the party to win two separate bye-elections; Bauchi South Senatorial and Toro Federal Constituency bye-elections. Beyond the rhetoric, APC is still a party to beat in the state under the able leadership of Gov. Abubakar.

Here comes the defections galore…

As elections approaches, thousands of people from other political parties are joining the Gov. Abubakar’s led APC.
It began with the former governor of the state Malam Isa Yuguda, who incidentally is Gov. Abubakar’s predecessor. Former governor Yuguda had recently led thousands of his supporters to join APC and the trend continuous with the PDP’s North East Vice Chairman, Babayo Garba Gamawa and former member of the party’s board of trustee, Kaulaha Aliyu decamping to the APC.

In a closely related development, other bigwigs of the PDP are also joining the APC soon with the name of the former governor who is also a former national chairman of the PDP, Ahmed Adamu Mu’azu in the forefront of those coming to the APC’s fold.

With these and many political permutations, Governor Abubakar is clearly advantaged. The 2019 general elections and precisely the March 2 governorship and state house of assembly election is by every indication an easy ride for the APC in the state.

Luckly for the good people of Bauchi State, the good work started by the present administration has to be sustained while fresh ones will be initiated for the betterment of the entire people of the state.

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