Back to winning ways: How a Nigerian enchanted Arsenal’s season

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A Nigerian Arsenal fan has lit up the internet after sharing a video of how he ‘blessed’ the club’s dressing room to help it from its poor start of the season.
In the video , Kelechi Anyikunde places a supposed paraphernalia on a raised table as he walks around the dressing room and ‘blessing it’.
He then advances towards striker Pierre Emerick Aubameyang’s jersey and ‘blesses’ it by tapping it with his paraphernalia.
Kelechi goes on to ask a woman manning the room where Alex Iwobi’s jersey is and on receiving directions he goes on to ‘bless’ it as well.
The Nigerian is popular on YouTube for his videos of attending Arsenal matches dressed in different Nigerian attires.
The latest video is undated, though he claims his visit to the dressing room played a big role in ending Arsenal’s poor start of the season.
The blessings video has been shared widely with many users commending Kelechi’s intervention to bless the team’s dressing room which paved the way for their victories over premier league matches against West Ham United and Cardiff City.
The Gunners had struggled in opening two fixtures against Manchester City and Chelsea.
Unai Emery finally got it right when the Hammers came visiting in Matchday 3.
The North London club followed that with a hard-fought 3-2 victory over Cardiff on Sunday.
Emery may not know Kelechi but whatever the Nigerian did seems to be working for the Spanish manager.

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