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As Leah Sharibu marks birthday in the captivity of inhumans

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On the 19th of February 2018, the nation was cowed by the ugly news of the abduction of about 110 schoolgirls aged 11-19 by the godless Boko Haram terrorists. However, over 100 of the schoolgirls were released by the terrorist group after an intervention by the government and long nights of negotiations.

The nation rather than heaving a sigh of relief over the miraculous release of the girls is rather saddened by the continuous captivity of a virtuous young lady amongst them who is reported to have dared the notorious Islamic sect by refusing to renounce her Christian faith which the harbingers of doom had set as a prerequisite for her release.

The unwavering faith and courage the 15-year-old Northern girl displayed even in the face of the torrents of perdition is a reference point for courage, strength and reinvigorates the wobbling faith of every believer. She has challenged all of us and dragged us back to our very activities and belief as Christians.

Today, both Christians and none Christians celebrate her birthday even as she is isn’t opportuned to be with us. She chose a noble path and immortalised herself. She has taught humanity how to become dogged in the face of the most daunting challenges. She has spurred us to rise and become celebrated heroes even in the shackles of captivity.

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The United States’ Senate will be celebrating her in the capitol while a peaceful matching is slated to be conducted in most states of the federation by girls and students to mark her birthday.

I would be proud if I were her parents. She has conquered the world and lived above expectations. None of her peers will be celebrated in this manner. How many of the freed ones do we remember their names?

While we pray to almighty God and ceaselessly prod the government to do everything within their powers to ensure her unconditional release, we thank God for her courage. We salute our Lord Jesus Christ for using this very little girl to teach the oldest of the olds what faith in him means.


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