APC delegates received bribes to vote – Amaechi

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THE immediate past Minister of Transportation, Chibuike Amaechi, has alleged that some delegates at the last All Progressives Congress presidential primary collected money to vote.

According to him, if Nigeria’s problem must be solved, the masses must play critical roles.

He said: “When you pray, don’t just pray that God should save the country. Pray that God should save ordinary Nigerians because they are the problem. Those who voted at the APC primary, who were they? They were ordinary Nigerians. The small money they got solved their immediate problems

“If Nigeria’s problem is to be solved, the ordinary Nigerians must be at the forefront. Also, pray that ordinary Nigerians should choose the right president to govern the country. Please vote APC, but also pray that God may make you vote for the right candidate that will change Nigeria.”

Speaking at an event to mark the birthday of a Port Harcourt-based cleric, Apostle Eugene Ogu, at the weekend, Amaechi, who also blamed leadership failure for the country’s woes, stressed that voters would get greater blame for voting wrong leaders in exchange for momentary gratification.

He maintained that handing out money would not solve Nigeria’s problem and that the people should shun moneybags and vote for right candidates.

“I believe that giving money is not the solution to Nigeria’s problem. The solution to Nigeria’s problem is that everyone must rise,” he said.

Amaechi, a former presidential aspirant of the APC, while reflecting on his journey in politics so far, decried security situation in the state, saying: “When I was governor, they said Amaechi was a wicked man, that he did not give money until I left government. Now, what am I? A saint.

“Do not forget that due to insecurity then, I was not sleeping in my house, I was sleeping in the bush hunting down kidnappers. Now, kidnapping is natural; as you are returning to your houses, you are scared not to be kidnapped and nobody cares.”

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