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APC Calls Ambode’s Ex-Commissioner ‘Opportunist’ For Dumping Party

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By Toby Prince

Lagos State All Progressives Congress (APC) has replied Governor Akinwunmi Ambode’s ex-commissioner for energy and mineral resources Olawale Oluwo who resigned his office and party membership on Wednesday.

Mr Oluwo resigned on the basis that the state primary was characterised by “voter disenfranchisement, undue influence, violence, and intimidation to members among other activities that violate the electoral law.”

The party’s state leadership in a statement released on Thursday and signed by spokesperson Joe Igbokwe indirectly called Oluwo an opportunist, disloyal and power hungry.

“A similar milk of mercy and kindness led to the consideration Of Oluwo as a member of the Lagos State Executive Council under Governor Akinwunmi Ambode in the hope that he has purged himself of opportunism, disloyalty and vaulting desperation for power,” Igbokwe wrote.

Oluwo was accused of trying to impose his wife as chairman of a local government.

Igbokwe said Oluwo became aggrieved after the party foiled his plan.

“Oluwo had hardly resumed as the Commissioner when he began his plot to use that office to advance his quest for political fiefdom. The object of his ambition was the positioning of his wife as the chairman of a local government.

“However, alert party men and women raised alarm about his anti-party antecedents wondering why someone who recently joined the party would want to use his position as commissioner to impose his wife on the constituency,” Igbokwe wrote.

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