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Amaechi Didn’t Insult Soyinka in Leaked Audio – Soyinka

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By Toby Prince

Nobel laureate, Prof Wole Soyinka, Wednesday disclosed that Minister of Transport, Rotimi Amaechi, didn’t insult President Muhammadu Buhari, in the leaked audio tape that had been trending in the media.

Prof Soyinka, who is a panellist at BBC News ‘Countering Fake News’ symposium, said this in Abuja.

Soyinka stated the traditional media which he referred to as ‘Street Media,’ must set an example and must not join the train of fake news.

“Just two or three days ago, I read an item where a minister was supposed to have insulted the President and it was carried in some media.

“And I checked the statement what this, and there was of course, a video and so on. I looked through it. I read the text again and again.

“I mean, I said I have to relearn this English language because I didn’t see where he insulted… You know the one I am referring to,” Soyinka said.

Soyinka further said sometimes, the print media felt compelled to compete with mediums that spread fake news, saying it is a great mistake.

He added that the print media has a reputation and standard and that there are some kinds of expectations from the print media.

“I think we need to call this Facebook and Company. We need to call them to order. We need to insist that they wake up to their corporate responsibility,” Soyinka stated.

He added that after all Facebook is unleashing the new trends on the world.

Soyinka said as long as there are fake sites, there will always be fake news and fake everything else.

“So, there needs to be in greater control. It should be possible for organisations like Facebook to do far more rapid checks,” Soyinka also said.

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