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8th Senate didn’t function at full capacity, Lawan taunts Saraki

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By Toby Prince

Senate President Ahmed Lawan appears to have aimed jibes at predecessor Bukola Saraki by claiming that the 8th Senate didn’t perform at full capacity.

Lawan spoke with State House correspondents after observing jumaat prayer with President Buhari at the State House mosque on Friday.

He said “The expectations from Nigerians is a National Assembly that is very focused, that is very united, that is very patriotic and nationalistic and that is by the grace of God, the National Assembly that we shall have.

“From my interactions with my colleagues when I was contesting, every senator there when I was contesting, has one massive experience or another.

“I saw my colleagues exhibited patriotism and desire to work for Nigerians and therefore we hope to have a National Assembly that will work for Nigerians optimally and patriotically.

“We also hope to have a National Assembly that will work with the executive arm of government in a partnership and synergy to ensure that we perform our functions as a government because we are a single unit.

“I also foresee a National Assembly that will insist that whoever has a responsibility in government performs that responsibility because it takes all of us to work together to ensure that no part or nobody is left behind.

“If there is anyone that is deficient, it would cost the system. So we are going to work very hard, we would like to catch up the lost grounds over the last four years.”

He noted that the last Senate didn’t perform to capacity.

“I am sure we did not perform to our capacity as a National Assembly in the last National Assembly. This time around we want to perform to full capacity and by the grace of God, Nigerians will see a positive difference in terms of delivery of service to our countrymen and women.” he said

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