2023: Kwankwaso’ll bring healing to Nigeria, says Idahosa

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THE vice-presidential candidate of the New Nigeria People Party, Bishop Isaac Idahosa, has described the ticket of his principal, Dr Rabiu Kwankwaso, as “a healing movement” that would move the country out of its current state of apathy.

According to him, progress, peace and harmony can only be achieved when there is fairness, equity and justice which he said would be demonstrated by Kwankwaso’s candidacy.

Speaking while featuring on the Channels TV programme, ‘Politics Today,’  yesterday, the Edo-born clergyman said, “I have been a pastor for 33 years and directly involved in church politicking which is important after spiritual responsibility.

“I have been able to manage people from different tribes and regions and this is a needed ingredient, especially in a time like this in Nigeria where there is no trust and division, which is why we are coming with a healing movement.

“We need healing so we can have a country to run with, we need peace as there is no peace; progress can’t be enforced and we are trusting God to help us foster co-existence between the different faiths and ethnicity world.”

The VP candidate, who also boasted about the chances of the party in the 2023 general elections, said Nigerians would be in for a shock when the campaigns start in September.

He said, “We will shock Nigerians; today, they can say it is impossible but tomorrow they will congratulate us. We are already consulting and I am already looking forward to the campaigns which will be a big shock to those who are in doubt over what we are able to pull out.”

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