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2019: Buba Marwa tips Buhari to Defeat Atiku in Adamawa

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By Toby Prince

Former military governor of Lagos and Borno States, Buba Marwa, has tipped president Muhammadu Buhari to crush Atiku Abubakar, the Peoples Democratic Party’s (PDP) candidate in his home state, Adamawa.

Mr Marwa, who also hails from the northeastern state, is Chairman, Central Working Committee of the Women and Youth of Buhari’s Campaign team.

According to the 65-year-old, the incumbent has done beyond expectations hence deserves re-election come February.

“President Buhari will win Adamawa State. I am not going to disclose our strategy for doing that, but you can go to the bank that Buhari will defeat Atiku in his home town in Adamawa. He will not only win him in Adamawa but also at the national level,” he was quoted as saying on Thursday in Abuja.

On the lack of support from retired generals and whether he will visit Olusegun Obasanjo and Ibrahim Babangida during their door-to-door campaign, he said: “We will visit everybody in our door-to-door campaign including visiting Obasanjo in Otta and Babangida in Minna.

“But if we go and knock and somebody refuses to open his door, in democracy, it is the people that ultimately have the final say. This is what we are out to promote. It is also wrong to conclude that all the retired generals are against him. Yes, some are not in support but many of them are with him,” he quipped.

He equally spoke on the worrisome state of insecurity in the North East, arguing that it had improved, just as he explained that Boko Haram occupied and used his house in Adamawa as an operational base during the PDP government.

“I am thoroughly in full command or understanding of what is going on there. Not only have I served in the Nigerian Army but a commanding officer in that zone. I am a student of counterinsurgency in Staff College. The counter-insurgency operation is not a 90 minutes football match. Security has definitely improved from what it was when this government took over.

“In my own local government in Adamawa, the Boko Haram actually occupied my house and it was their base for over eight months, but they have been thrown away today and reduced to nothing now and hold no grounds.

“He equally recorded landmark achievements in other areas of security challenges. The moment they procure more weapons very soon, the issue of security will be dealt a severe blow,” he said.

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