By Alex Idoko Ali

Kogi state is now a renowned island of pity with its indigene and residents occupying the remnants of a location which was once the choice location of the White man during the hay days of colonialism in Nigeria.

In the aftermath of the unholy trade and imperialism, what is today known as Kogi state further served as a home for all with the settlement of foreign investors and it was fast becoming a business hub for all.

Little doubts it rose to be nicknamed a “confluence of opportunities” but today it is a graveyard of lost opportunities with so many innocent souls sleeping with an outburst of unrelentess anger in their graves.

Among the deceased we have bread winners and the talented idealism of great men which was never experimented because we are locked in the middle of no headway.

The emergence of Yahaya Adoza Bello; the youngest governor in Nigeria and unfortunately he is bereaved of any traceable vision is the latest killer disease that have  struck my people. 

The atrocities of his illegitimate regime has killed many Kogites more than the incursion of the alleged herdsmen in Kogi state. 

Let us get it straight: It is not only when you pull a trigger that makes you a murderer. The worst murderer on the face of the earth is a political leader who is insensitive and practically myopic in championing a fruitful course.

This is the shameful scenario trending in Kogi state and over time, the Kogi Youth Round-table (KYRT) which I am privileged to coordinate have not relent in our routine preachings; not to win any souls but to baptise our young governor who tragically falls within our age bracket from his political blunders, yet he is still behaving like a tired recycled senile leader lacking any sincere idea.

I am a messenger annointed by the good people of Kogi Youth Round-table to deliver our passionate resolutions concerning the recent aberration on a platter of gold. However, it is pertinent that “our” supposed state governor introspect and alter his terrorising idiosyncrasy perhaps  garnered from the lazy schemes of bandwagon romancing and misleading his ship which is fast  approaching the stormy water.


It has come to our notice that out of the abundance of Governor Bello’s clueless attempt, he is on the verge of conducting another screening exercise for over 800 workers who were earlier tagged as ghost workers and sacked.

To many who may not understand the failed tactics of the celebrated failure, it could be seen as a good development but as a group, we have X-ray his inept advancements and this is our findings:

(a) We are not surprised at his new decision because we are very sure he is confused.

He once dissolved the Local Government administrators in the state and reinstated them within 10 minutes. Therefore it is not a surprised development for him to waste our collective resources for another round of shady screening without any applaudable results.

(b) Election is by the corner and the masquerade is looking for new drummers.

However, it is difficult to score cheap political goals after killing the trust of the masses. As earlier noted, many innocent civil servants exited to eternal fury not glory during the numerous screening exercise that is still useless because salaries are not paid even after the screening.

Kogites can still recall the case of Mr. Edward Soje who committed suicide out of shame.

Many other civil servants, took their own lives to assist Yahaya Bello reduce the work force and pocket their entitled  naira.

Many civil servants took ill and could not afford to pay their hospital bills. They died in debt and are still anticipating the payment of their entitlement even in their early graves.

(c) We have uncovered the fact that the screening exercise is another dubious option crafted by the mischief maker and his team to siphon funds allocated to the state.

What is the essence of conducting screening when salaries are not paid? Where is our money? Time shall tell!

(d) In another latest misappropriation of funds, he recently granted scholarship to one Fatima  Bombom Sani an excellent Law graduate.

The scholarship grant is approximately the sum of  $93,000.

As a group of young intellectuals, we sincerely applaud the academic feat of Bombom, however it is a misplaced priority. Such monies can be channeled to payment of salaries. 

We are surprised Kogi state can even afford such a whopping sum of scholarship owing to the tales of unavailability of funds chanted by the Governor and his aides.

We have many brilliant students whose education came to a crashing halt because their parents could no longer afford their tuition fees as a result of Bello’s endless screening.

Why is Bombom an exception singled out for such a juicy offer?

To this end, on behalf of KYRT, this is our recommendations:

1. Governor Bello should redirect his energies to pay salaries instead of conducting another phase of screening without results.

2. He should pardon the sacked workers to resume work or tell them their fate without subjecting them to another phase of hardship in the name of screening because many of the civil servants would not survive.

We can recall the case of civil servants who died enroute Lokoja for one of the many screenings.

3. Workers salaries should be accorded premium attention instead of routinely wasting our collective wealth on frivolities.

4. Students of Kogi state origin were tasked to buy forms to facilitate the payment of bursaries. They are yet to receive their entitled allowance many months after.

We call on the state scholarship board to refund their monies or pay the students before the end of June, 2018.

5. Numerous civil servants who were sacked without offences should be reconsidered.

This would reduce the widespread of untold suffering trending in the state.

We anticipate a better Kogi state. We are praying for the success of all Kogites.

We shall continue to preach and uphold the truth.

God bless Kogi state!

Idoko is the National Cordinator of Kogi Youth Round-table Worldwide